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Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Devyn Eadie

Fee: $125-160/session

ADHD in 20-30s women
Trauma + EMDR
Eating Disorders
H i, I’m Devyn. I’m a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) who focuses on helping adult women with ADHD and Autism. Some examples of the struggles my clients often face include things like time blindness, impulsivity, difficulty focusing, procrastination, rejection sensitivity, and difficulties with managing emotions. On the other hand, I also work with clients who struggle with things like taking on too much, perfectionism, people pleasing and feelings of overwhelm and burnout. Maybe you overextend yourself and have a hard time setting boundaries, or have difficulty saying no, and you’ve tried tools to help – maybe medication, maybe meditation, maybe journaling and self-help books – but you still feel stuck. As a therapist with ADHD myself I truly understand the challenges that come from simply existing in today’s type A, productivity focused and neurotypically designed society.

Another area of my focus is treating disordered eating and eating disorders, low self-esteem and body image concerns as so many women struggle with these things and they are also common struggles amongst the neurodiverse community. I work from a size inclusive lens with a focus on shifting towards intuitive eating. In addition to working with neurodiversity, I am also trained in a trauma therapy called EMDR. This allows me to be able to work with clients to process and work through deep rooted beliefs that they have that are a result of trauma.

By uncovering the blocks that keep my clients stuck, my clients are able to find new strategies that allow them to open up to new ways of operating in the world, and confidently emerge as the most authentic version of themselves.

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