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Therapy for Highly Sensitive People with ADHD

Set healthy boundaries

We help highly sensitive people Set healthy boundaries

Does This Sound Familiar?

You're a highly sensitive person or empath with a tendency to say "yes" too much. You struggle with things like people pleasing, setting healthy boundaries, and regulating your big emotions.

This might look like time-blindness, anxiety, impulsivity self-sabotage, overwhelm or overthinking. Maybe for you it's anxiety, ADHD, low self esteem, overdrinking, procrastination, and feeling like you're continually living in a trauma response.

You have read the self-help books, tried things like positive thinking, you've taken meds, tried journaling, saved all the Instagram therapy reels - but you still feel stuck.

Often, this can show up as difficulties in interpersonal relationships - either being attracted to the wrong people or being unable to find fulfillment in your existing relationships.

Maybe you've even tried therapy before, but felt like you were just talking about your problems instead of actually. moving through them. It's not your fault - what you need is a therapist who ACTUALLY understands your unique, neurodivergent brain.

If you can relate, we can help.

You Deserve To Feel Better.

Here’s How We Can Help.

Managing Difficult Emotions

Learn to feel and "be with" big emotions so that you feel more in control of the way you think, feel, and act.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Learn how to stop people pleasing and set boundaries that protect your peace and foster fulfilling relationships.

Stop Self-Sabotage

Uncover the real reasons why you overeat, overscroll, overdrink, and over-whatever and heal these patterns at the root.

Life Purpose & Direction

Uncover the blocks in the way of discovering your passion, purpose, and direction and create a roadmap to your dream life.

Overcoming Heartbreak

Be present through your grief so you can learn the lesson inside, and pave the way toward a new you.

Nervous System Regulation

Become conscious of when you are triggered into fight-flight-freeze-fawn and learn how to take action to return to home base.

Improving Self-Confidence

Identify unhelpful beliefs about yourself and trace them back to the origin, healing childhood wounds and finding your authentic voice.

Living with Adult ADHD

Strengthen your executive functioning skills to help you stay focused on your vision in a world full of distraction.

Our Approach

Custom Treatment For Every Client

Every client is unique and requires a personalized level of care. Our approach is tailored to your your historical lived experiences and your present day internal conflicts, while being anchored in your vision, dreams, and goals for your life. Overall, our methodology is three-fold, and is grounded in three central pillars:


Trauma isn't what happened to us - it's what happens inside of us as a result of what happened to us. Taking a non-pathological lens to therapy, our approach is rooted in attachment theory with an emphasis on the brain-body connection and nervous system regulation.

Neuroscience Based

Trauma is stored in the body, but it's held in there by the brain. We understand that our thoughts and beliefs create our feelings, and when left unconscious or unquestioned, these maladaptive thoughts will run our lives, keeping us stuck in patterns of unproductive behaviour.

Solutions Focused

t's important to heal the root of our trauma. And, it's also important that our clients feel better sooner rather than later. We believe in teaching our clients the skills required to take loving action in spite of negative emotion.


"At True Self Counselling, we are committed to authenticity. We believe that helping clients to rediscover their inner wisdom is key to the healing process, and that guiding them to listen to and trust themselves are central tenets to the healing they seek".
Jaclyn Spinelli
Founder and Psychotherapist at True Self Counselling

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Therapists who actually understand ADHD...finally
Arianna B.
Arianna B.
I want to say thank you True Self Counselling. 🙏 The sessions with my therapist have given me strength, courage and clarity. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking counselling and therapy.
Felix Rios
Felix Rios
My experience with True Self Counselling was unmatched, they were able to get myself and my daughter in for therapy sessions without a long wait list, and we both love our therapists!
Sarah Rathburn
Sarah Rathburn
Jaclyn is one of the best therapists I’ve encountered in my 12 years in private practice. Not only is she brilliant, but she conceptualizes cases in a very holistic way with a depth of analysis that I don’t often see. Add to that her natural curiosity and passion for honing her craft and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Heather Shannon, LCPC
Heather Shannon, LCPC
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