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Jaclyn Spinelli

Fee: $225/session

Highly Sensitive People
Boundary Setting
Emotion Regulation
Y ou’re a highly sensitive person and empath with a tendency to say “yes” too much. You have read the self-help books, tried things like meditation and journaling, maybe you’ve been to therapy before – but you still feel stuck. This might look like people pleasing, self-sabotage, overwhelm or overthinking. Maybe for you it’s anxiety, ADHD, low self esteem, overdrinking, procrastination, and difficulty regulating emotions. Often, this can show up as difficulties in interpersonal relationships – either being attracted to the wrong people or being unable to find fulfillment in your existing relationships.

Being deeply sensitive myself, I truly understand the struggles of simply existing in today’s fast-paced, demanding world. My specialties are helping others to process big emotions like anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of motivation/focus, self-worth, people-pleasing, self-confidence, imposter syndrome, and boundaries in individuals and couples.

Using a trauma-informed lens, I help my clients to identify the obstacles holding them back. As they cultivate fresh ways to connect with themselves and the world, they start to boldly embody the version they’ve always aspired to be. Life starts to feel less…hard. They start to become more confident. To see how I can help you, send me an email!


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