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Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Sara Katchutas

Fee: $125-$160
Late Diagnosed / Suspected ADHD
Hypervigilance & Anxiety
Family Conflict and Relationships
A re you struggling with stress, anxiety, people-pleasing and emotion regulation? Do you feel like you’re never good enough, you can never reach your goals, or you just can’t seem to do “life” right? Maybe you experienced trauma from growing up in a household with emotionally immature parents. Maybe you have late-diagnosed (or undiagnosed) ADHD, and chronic feelings of being “defective” loom over you constantly. Everything seemed “fine” enough, until you started experiencing problems in your relationships – with your family of origin, romantic partner, in friendships, or at work. You’re pretty sure that you’re the problem, but all of your attempts to change have fallen short.

As a highly sensitive human with a deep understanding of neurodiversity, I truly understand the challenges of simply existing in today’s rigid, fast-paced culture, nevermind thriving. My specialties involve helping others to manage their difficult emotions, develop effective communication skills, and use your sensitivity as a gift rather than a flaw.

I take a trauma informed, integrative approach to therapy, meaning that I view your patterns of thinking and behaving through the lens of your unique history. I am also solutions oriented, meaning that while we process your past, we actively work toward your vision of the future. As we uncover the blocks that keep you stuck, my clients begin to confidently emerge as their authentic version of themselves.

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