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Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Masters Level Intern

Yumna Baqai

Fee: $65-95
Highly Sensitive People


ave you ever been told that you’re “too sensitive”? Do you ever feel overwhelmed in noisy crowded atmosphere? Do you feel like you have to say “yes” to every little thing that’s asked of you?

You might be a highly sensitive person (HSP) — and yes, it’s a superpower. But it’s not the whole story.

As a dedicated psychotherapist, I understand the unique strengths and challenges that come with high sensitivity. Yet, sensitivity is just one piece of the complex puzzle of human emotions. I specialize in supporting not only HSPs but also individuals navigating through the turbulent waters of addictions, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and abuse.

My journey into the field was shaped by my own experiences as an HSP, struggling to find my way in the bustling chaos of life. I’ve felt overwhelmed, pressured to conform, and yearned for someone who truly understands the importance of embracing our authentic selves. This personal journey helps me create an empathetic environment and fuels my client-centered approach to therapy, grounded in the belief that you are the expert of your life.

Whether you’re dealing with addictions, grappling with anxiety, sinking into depression, mourning a loss, surviving trauma, or healing from abuse, I’m here to offer a safe, trauma-informed, and compassionate space. Together, we’ll uncover the obstacles blocking your path and develop strategies for a more authentic connection with yourself and the world around you.

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