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Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Masters Level Intern

Anastasia Taskov

Fee: $65-$95
Communication & Boundaries
As someone with high empathy and a tendency to people please, I understand the pressures and personal sacrifices that come with constantly putting others first. The more we allow ourselves to minimize our own needs, the more interpersonal damage we cause. Not to mention the exhaustion of constantly seeking external validation and security from our relationships. Through therapy, I am learning how to develop my own sense of security by relying on myself rather than others. I am growing into a stronger, more self-assured version of myself and so can you.

I utilize a trauma-informed approach to help my clients with a range of presenting concerns, including anxiety, depression, emotion regulation and building emotional resilience. With the goal of empowering my clients, my aim is to help them become experts in their own lives through fostering an environment where self-discovery and growth flourish. Using empathy, active listening and evidence-based techniques, I hope to provide a safe space for my clients to explore their emotions and navigate their unique paths to recovery and self-improvement.

Beyond my professional life, I enjoy travel, down-hill skiing, attending concerts, and spending time with my adorable cat and loved ones.


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