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Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Masters Level Intern

Emily Techner

Fee: $65-$95
DBT Skills
Emotion Regulation
Now Accepting New Clients! Are you intelligent, type-A, with a million things always on the go? On the outside you appear to have “made it”, but on the inside your anxiety is crippling. You wonder if you have ADHD, you’re working on 100 things at once, never seeming to be able to slow down until you crash (and then beat yourself up for resting). You start to wonder if you’re depressed. Why does it feel like you’re on such a roller coaster of emotions? You’ve tried journaling, meditating, maybe even medication or therapy, but you still feel stuck. You know you need to “love yourself”, but you don’t know how to actually DO that.

Hi, I’m Emily and as a highly-sensitive person and therapist who knows the emotional rollercoaster all too well, I truly understand how hard it can be to simply exist in today’s urgency based hustle culture. I specialize in helping overachievers and people pleasers to set healthy boundaries, communicate their needs, and calm the constant chaos in their mind.

I take a mindful CBT and DBT approach, using science-backed methods to uncover the root cause of what is keeping you stuck. As my clients become more conscious of the unhelpful beliefs that have been running their life, and learn to feel the emotions they’ve been avoiding, they begin to confidently emerge as the version of themselves they long to be.

To see if we’d be a good fit, send me an email to schedule a free 15 minute consultation! I look forward to helping you on this stage of your journey.


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